About our Travel Agency

Why Set Up IWT?

This company was born out of a strong passion for India, its people, its culture and its wildlife. When we first visited India, we saw it as a very exciting wildlife and cultural experience, a wonderful holiday to remember. However, it was so much more than that. We were captivated by the friendliness of the people, the intensity with which they practice their customs and guard their traditions. And then there was the wildlife! I remember commenting that on our first visit to Kanha N P that we must have been in a Hollywood movie set, the smell of the Sal Tree blossom was captivating, there were such a variety of animals in such large numbers, it couldn't possibly be real! But it was real and every time we go back to Kanha, we are awe struck by something completely unexpected.

Everywhere we visited on on our first trip to India we made friends. The people were so warm, welcoming and accommodating, nothing seemed too much trouble for them. This seemed to be in complete contrast to what most of us experience in the UK, when people are 'too busy', or 'too stressed'. The leisurely pace Indians have adopted in their lives cannot help but rub off and in no time at all we felt totally at ease, de-stressed and filled with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

We are aware of how precious your time is, the desire to learn, to experience and the need to enjoy and relax. We believe we have struck the perfect balance with extraordinary places to visit and superb accommodation to relax and unwind.

We want to share our passion and enthusiasm for India with as many people as we can. We only advertise tours to places where we have been and where we feel other people would enjoy. Every single holiday is treated with the greatest of importance as we know what a wonderous treat people have in store.

Our Guides

Your personal naturalist will do everything to ensure your holiday in India runs like clockwork. They will maximise what you see and what you wish to learn about, providing you with as much or as little support that you feel you will require. Whether this will be identifying wildlife, imparting their historical knowledge, advising you on local cuisine or helping you to barter for souvenirs!

Responsible Tourism

At IWT we feel very strongly about promoting responsible tourism. To inform, educate and to help provide understanding of a place is fundamental to our company. Our naturalists care passionately about their heritage. So much of the world's wildlife is seen to be slipping away, but with responsible tourism we can do our bit to promote endangered species and to help assist with conservation projects where we can. In this way, we want to see tourism making a positive impact on conservation.

However, it is not always about wildlife, we care about the huge number of vehicles on Indian roads and where we can, we have opted for trains, not just taxis. These trains are a good place to sit, relax and watch the countryside sail by, while being able to stretch your legs, sample the delicious samosas and the sweet Masala Chi.

Privacy Policy

IWT takes the privacy of our clients very seriously. We will not disclose your email/address/contact numbers with ANY other parties.